Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does the app require a Google account?
A: Google delivers a good security system, and as a user you will prefer to have fewer logins. Also, if you are serious with e-commerce, you will need this account anyway for AdWords and Google analytics.

Q: Can I connect my webshop to Google Analytics?
A: No, not yet, but this feature will become available in an app update in the near future.

Q: What payment providers do you support?
A: Currently we have integration to PayPal, which covers more that 180 countries, and allow payment with international credit cards. It is free to create a merchant account with PayPal, and you can access it from a smartphone app.

Q: Are multiple languages supported?
A: No. Each shop is limited to cover one language and one country.

Q: Can I control more than one shop from the app?
A: Yes, you can create and control as many as you want.

Q: Can one shop be managed by other people, such as employees?
A: No, not yet. Currently only one Google account can be connected to reach webshop.

Q: Is there a uptime specification for Touchshop
A: We use a cloud service provider that has nearly no downtime ever as a consequence of the server setup we have. On top of that, we use strict rules for deployment of changes to ensure system stability.

Q: Can I influence the design of my webshop?
A: A little. The Touchshop webshop is designed for standardized comfort and ease of use for the customers - designed like a smartphone app as much as possible, using inspiration from some of the most popular app's available.

Q: Is it possible to choose a different hosting provider?
A: No. Touchshop is designed to be a simple-to-use solution, and users are relieved from any such considerations.

Q: Is this a SEO (Search Engine Optimized) webshop?
A: Not automatically. You will need a SEO expert to help with that for your webshop.