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Touchshop is your Freedom

Get a webshop that is

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The app is easy to use for creating your own webshop and get started with your own e-commerce business.

From the palm of your hand, you can add new products when you unpack stock deliveries, or even sooner when you discover new products for your webshop.

Packing customer orders is also done using the app, checking one item at the time and finally printing the address label right from your phone, no need to consult a computer screen or use paper printed order slips.

You need no computer for using Touchshop

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The Touchshop webshop is managed from the app on your smartphone.

Everywhere you go, you will have an overview of the status of your webshop.

You can make short termed discounts of certain products and re-arrange the front page to increase customer awareness of new products and campaigns.

You can add new products to your store instantly when you find them, and start taking orders - even before the product is available!

Touchshop makes your business more dynamic and flexible

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Your webshop is hosted in the cloud.

This ensures stability and data safety and performance will never be an issue.

Touchshop is your IT department. At no extra cost we add new features and fix problems, we provide software updates to the app and to the webshop.

Touchshop gives you freedom to run your business anytime, everywhere - even from the trunk of your car

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The webshop is designed for easy use via smartphones.

Design guides for smartphone apps was used to create a familiar user experience.

Your customers will feel safe and reassured when they use their smartphone for shopping.

This will increase visitor-to-paid-order conversion rates.

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Touchshop empowers your customers.

The app-like webshop design makes product browsing and procurement intuitive and simple.

Your customers will get a great experience with easy navigation, good product presentations and comfortable checkout process. They will benefit from the webshop being designed designed with smartphone use in mind.

Everything is optimised for low bandwidth usage to allow customers with limited data plans to benefit from online shopping too

This will increase your potential customer base.

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Your webshop is available globally.

Every person with a smartphone in the world can become your customer - and YOU can mange your webshop from everywhere in the world!

With Touchshop you can focus on providing better customer care, finding good products and deals for your customers and do good marketing.

Your customers can shop for your products at their convenience using their smartphone - no matter where they are or what they do.

Often your customers will be in a relaxed environment and more inclined to place an order

All from where you are RIGHT NOW!

Download the app NOW get started!

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Pick your favorite plan

You can change plan anytime


  • 20 products - unlimited pictures
  • 5 Product Groups
  • 200.000 visits per month
  • 20 predefined colorthemes
  • Payments using Paypal
  • Full configuration of menu and front page
  • Search in products


€19,- per month


  • All the Startup functionality - PLUS:
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited product groups
  • Unlimited visitors


€49,- per month


  • All the Business functionality - PLUS:
  • Custom CSS
  • Mass upload of products and images
  • Automatic redirect to desktop webshop


€99,- per month
(All prices are exclusive VAT)


If you have questions or experience problems, please consult our F.A.Q.

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The History

Since the first iPhone arrived it became obvious that the internet was now available for everyone, everywhere. But the transition would take time, and be costly.

In 2013 we started looking for an affordable way to allow small webshop businesses to make this transition, but we were unsuccessfull.

All the webshop solutions we investigated were based on fairly old software, often in ASP or PHP, and even though they offered a mobile theme or skin, and some of them even claimed to be responsive, they all still reloaded the whole page on every click (touch), wasting network traffic which has more value on a mobile dataplan. They never felt like a smartphone app you would really trust with your money.

We decided to create the app-like webshop and called it Touchshop.

The Team

Rune and Gustav are brothers, and this project has become a reality with the help of several other family members.

The Company

Touchshop ApS was formed in 2014 as the vessel for creating Touchshop.

So far we have bootstrapped the business, and since we are just the two of us working on it, we have no public offices and the company is registered to a home address.

Touchshop ApS
Hotelvej 12
DK-8660 Skanderborg


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